Departure Panel

Departure Information needs to be documented and shared with METS and the ID&R Office.

Handling Departure Information

When you receive Departure information from a RECRUITER, you could individually depart from the Student View or as a group or individually from the COE side.

On the COE Departure panel you can do one, two or more children at once. Enter Departure Date, Forwarding Address, City and State. As minimum, you should enter the State to which the student departed.
NOTE: Unknown is not a valid entry for departures.
NOTE: If student departed to Mexico, enter "MX" as Dep to State.
Once Departure information is entered, select the students you
want to depart by highlighting appropriate names. Finish by
left clicking on the Update Selected Students box.
Now, you need to individually withdraw every students that has been departed. For the most part, the withdraw date will be equal to the departure date unless the students expired before the departure date.
Also make sure that the departure information is on the correct (most recent) enrollment line on student side/school history tab.

Other steps regarding Departures:

  • Send a notification to the State to which the student departed on MSIX.
  • Date stamp the departure form, make a copy of the form for your files and send original to the ID&R office.