Qualifying Move & Work Panel

This is the Eligibility Data from Section III of the COE

Enter the information from the COE.
If there is a problem with the COE and a chance needs to be done, please CONTACT RECRUITER first.

The Panel is divided into two tabs: Items 1-6 and General Comments .

Item 1

From (School District, City, State, Country) To (Current School District, City, Sate) Make sure you enter the correct information since these fields are used to confirm eligibility

Item 2

Children Moved drop down box has three choices: to join, on own, moved with. Choose the correct letter based on the COE certificate.

TheWorker Name field (#23) is taken from the First Last of the Worker on the COE certificate.

The Worker Relation drop down offers four choices,
Guardian, Parent, Self, Spouse. Choose the correct choice based on the COE certificate.

Item 3

The Qualifying Arrival Date is determined by the recruiter. Make sure that the Qualifying Arrival Date is before or equal to the Residency Date

Item 4

The field student moved due to economic necessity due to has three choices. Make sure you enter the information according to the COE. Also, if the student did not obtain work, make sure you fill the second field of this item.

Item 5

Qualifying Work can be selected from a range of activities collected throughout the State. If you cannot find the activity of a "similarly close" activity, send an email to the ID&R/MIS2000 Director to add the activity to the list.

TheTemp/Season drop down is selected based on Temp/Season, field on the COE certificate. The choices are Temp (T) or Seasonal (S).

The Agri/Fish drop down is selected based on the Agricultural or Fishing on the COE certificate. The choices are Agricultural (A) or Fishing (F).

Item 6

This item needs to be completed in case the type of work was identified as "temporary".

General Comments. Please make sure you enter all the information given by the recruiter.